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I never thought I’d feel the urge to write a memory foam mattress reviews webpage about what personal, hands-on experience tells me is the best sleeping memory foam mattress for the quality and price. . . but here I am, waving the banner!  This review focuses on one of the fastest growing memory foam mattress brands in the country.  The Bed Boss brand has made a great name for itself because word-of-mouth has finally reached a tipping point about their superior build quality and super-competitive price points.  This review is for the “doctor recommended “Visco Heir ET” – one of eight (8) available mattress styles offered by The Bed Boss.  These are some of the best memory foam mattress deals available anywhere!

I decided to write this memory foam mattress evaluation on the Visco Heir ET because I felt people need to find out by doing their own research that not all so-called “memory foam” mattresses are made the same.  Fact is, the quality/price combination of The Bed Boss mattresses are unbeatable in the memory foam arena – period.

It’s hard to believe that Bed Boss mattresses, at their extremely affordable price points, include superior quality build components that compete squarely with Tempur-Pedic® memory foam mattresses that sell for thousands more, but I can tell you from a quality standpoint and personal experience sleeping on Bed Boss memory foam mattresses for years now, that they beat their competition hands-down!

My experience with The Bed Boss Visco Heir ET began when my chiropractor convinced me to get rid of my 9 year old, frumpy, inner spring mattress.  When I laid on the Visco Heir ET in the clinic I was immediately reminded of the Tempur-Pedic® brand because I slept on one during a two-week vacation in Florida – more on that later.  The only problem I had with my doctor’s advice about The Bed Boss mattress was the price – it seemed way too cheap and I felt like something was wrong!  But I bought it anyway. . .

I’m so glad I took the advice! In the video below, the owner of The Bed Boss, Ben Folkins, introduces The Bed Boss memory foam mattress brand. Check it out here.

Laying on the Visco Heir ET almost completely eliminates pressure normally felt on inner spring bed sets and lower quality memory foam or latex mattress products.  Many people, like myself, find themselves sleeping in one position all night because there is no need to toss or turn – back to that wonderful feeling weightlessness.  My chiropractor is constantly telling his patients The Bed Boss mattresses are the best quality memory foam products on the market.  The clinic has a great reputation and their mattress recommendations only add to that.  My back pain used to be unbearable but after a year with The Bed Boss Visco Heir ET and some regular chiropractic adjustments my back pain is now a memory!

I have owned my original Visco Heir ET mattress for several years now and each time I go to bed it still feels like the best sleeping memory foam mattress money can buy.  Folks at The Bed Boss call this, “sustainability”.  It’s great to know that along with writing this Bed Boss memory foam mattress review for this truly exceptional quality memory foam product, this review reveals how to get your custom-made 30% Off discount coupon that expires one month after you receive it if you use it or not.  Use it within the 30 day time-frame and buy factory direct at The Bed Boss website!  

A Personal Experience Motivated Me To Search-out Memory Foam Mattress Reviews And Write My Own

Like most people, since the late-80’s I watched the Tempur-Pedic® TV commercials and became convinced there was only one company out there worthy of being crowned the best memory foam bedding company, especially after learning that NASA developed the original technology and then seeing the part in the TV commercial showing someone jumping up and down on the mattress with a glass of wine on the corner that didn’t move.  It used to be their memory foam vs. the world of inner spring mattresses back then.  That is, until their patents ran out. . . and the fact that there were few other, if any, quality brands like The Bed Boss on the market during that time.

While on vacation, I slept on a Tempur-Pedic® mattress for almost two weeks at a friend’s home in Florida in late fall of 2011.  Initially, I enjoyed how it felt like I was almost floating.  But my experience quickly turned sour because I became uncomfortably warm after sleeping in one position for a while.  Body heat allows a good quality memory foam to contour and support virtually every inch of the body’s surface area on the bed. However some memory foam mattresses with dated “closed-cell” technology are not as capable of having the mattress “breathe” or dissipate some of that body heat.  My own body heat would actually wake me up some evenings making it difficult to sleep deeply.  Although the Fall evenings were cool and pleasant outside, I had to take off the comforter and use just one top sheet over me to maintain an acceptable level of comfort. With any other inner-spring bed during that time of year, I would have felt fine with a comforter and two top sheets. Outside of the heat and the outrageous price my friends told me they paid I actually appreciated the way the Cloud Supreme felt like my body was suspended in air.  Still, my Visco Heir ET, feels 100% better!

The Bed Boss Uses State-Of-The-Art Manufacturing Technologies

BE INFORMED: Not all memory foam manufacturing processes are alike…

Today’s latest manufacturing technologies play a significant role in how memory foam properties are modified to react to body heat and body weight, thus providing a better sleep experience.  I was surprised to realize that a process called bamboo-infusion is applied only to the most expensive memory foam mattress brands in the manufacturing process.  This infusion process actually helps to dissipate body heat to provide a cool and comfortable sleep experience.  You will usually see this feature in the most expensive memory foam mattress brands at your local mattress stores.

Semi-open cell memory foam, or “breathable” memory foam technology is another reason why Bed Boss mattresses are so a highly rated in memory foam mattress reviews.  It makes a huge difference how the multiple memory foam and supporting layers and thicknesses are combined to generate a superior “memory response”, which means when you push down on the mattress and see the impression, it takes about 4-5 seconds to rebound to its original shape.  This proprietary combination of various foam types also play a critical role to reduce or eliminate those terrible sagging or sinking experiences associated with inferior quality memory foam mattresses.

It’s the total combination of bamboo-infusion, semi-open cell and multi-layered memory foam manufacturing technology that makes this premium memory foam mattress “breathe” better and be more sustainable (not sag) over time when compared to the multitude of other marketed brands!  You’ve heard the old adage. . . “it’s the little things that make a huge difference!”

The Bed Boss Mattresses Are Reviewed And Recommended by Chiropractic Clinics and other Medical Diciplines Across The Country

Because of my history with back pain I have become proactive by making a conscious effort to stay healthy by eating better, getting my heart-rate up consistently through moderate exercise, not smoking, and visiting a chiropractor to stay spinally aligned.  I have to include chiropractic in this article because, not only do I want to share the benefits of chiropractic, but it was a chiropractor who introduced the Visco Heir ET as the best memory foam mattress style for quality and price.  Now, there are hundreds of doctors across the country who not only personally own Bed Boss mattresses, they promote them in their clinics as well.  It’s their first choice memory foam mattress brand because they are extremely well made and keep their shape while having a “comfort range” that fits most anyone.  Another reason doctors review and promote Bed Boss mattresses is because they are certified for safety (see below) so you and your family can rest easy knowing you own a memory foam mattress that was tested to be safe.

Bed Boss Mattresses CertiPUR-US® Certified!

This company has taken the extra steps to ensure quality and to protect you and your family’s health.  The foam used in the manufacturing process has been voluntarily submitted by The Bed Boss for testing and analysis and is fully certified by CertiPUR-US® so that you can rest easy knowing that the bed you’re sleeping on is a product you can feel good about.

CertiPUR-US® certified foams are…

  • Low emission (low VOC’s) for indoor air quality
  • Made without chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s) or other ozone depleters
  • Made without PBDE flame retardants
  • Made without formaldehyde
  • Made without prohibited phthalates
  • Tested and approved for durability and performance

You can feel really good about your Bed Boss mattress by watching this very informative video produced by CeritPUR-US®.

The Bed Boss memory foam products also include Castor Plant Oil which replace a percentage of the petroleum traditionally used in foam products.  They also include Aloe Vera in their fabric to enhance the luxuriously soft feel of their fabrics.  These beds not only look good – they feel great to the touch.

Look For Available Bed Boss Memory Foam Mattress Styles

Check out all the mattress styles directly at the factory website.  You can see the individual styles by clicking the link (shown in Queen size – you can change the size at the site):  Sweet Dreams, Visco Select, Heavenly Gel, Visco Elite, Visco Heir ET, Visco Crown, Hybrid Sleep, Visco Revolution.  You can also use the 30% Discount Coupon Code for the RENEW Mattress Topper!

Outside of the fact that all of The Bed Boss products are safe for people and safe for the environment, I personally like and promote the Visco Heir ET, and now, the Bed Boss Visco Revolution, for two very important reasons:  One, I’ve slept on the Heir ET for over a three years now and absolutely love it (most all of my family members own a Visco Heir ET) and it feels just as good as when I first bought it and there is virutally no sagging or lumping, normally found in cheaper memory foam mattresses and inner spring mattresses!  I also purchased a Visco Revolution and love it just as much!  Because of its added thickness, it’s initially a little softer than the Heir ET (because it’s 15 total thickness”) but it’s just as incredibly supportive as the Heir ET!  If I ever wanted someone to experience the plush, rich, supportive feeling of a superior memory foam product, the Bed Boss Visco Revolution is the mattress I would put up against ANY other top level brand… PERIOD.

Please visit our 30% Off Bed Boss Coupon page to get your coupon code and then order your Bed Boss Memory Foam Mattress Today!  Also, check out our Delivery & Setup example.  Thank You for reading our Bed Boss Visco Heir ET Mattress Review!